Saturday, August 1, 2015


If you are want to order an autosomal DNA kit, now is the time to get a GREAT deal.  AncestryDNA has their DNA test on sale for $79, a savings of $20 off the regular test price.  This test sale ends tonight 01 August 2015 at 12:00 midnight, so do not wait.  When you get your test results from AncestryDNA you can transfer the raw data to FTDNA for only $39 and your test results will be compared to their DNA data base.  The advantage to doing this is your test results will be compared to more people, which means more matches and more DNA cousins.  If you do this, the total cost for the two tests will be $118, much less than testing separately with each company for a total cost of $198.  Like I said in our meeting Sunday – JUST DO IT!  Esther and I will be available to help you with the test results transfer to FTDNA and analyzing your results from both companies.  Click HERE to go to the ordering website.

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