Friday, July 11, 2014


Welcome to Alabama Pioneers
Those who walk in another’s tracks leave no footprints  
Alabama Pioneers is devoted to discovering and sharing the footprints left behind by our ancestors through documents, stories and biographies as we journey through our state’s history. We report the news of the past!

Though we have considerable information for those interested in genealogy, we are not just another genealogy website. In Days Gone By you will find many heart-warming stories and memories from various authors that will touch your heart, inspire you and sometimes make you laugh.

The website is totally FREE! If you find an article you enjoy, pleas comment in the Reply section of the article. Our authors appreciate hearing from you.

We are nearing one thousand biographies of Alabama Pioneers on the site. Some people are notable people you may have read about while others are not-so-notable and a few could be your ancestors.
At Alabama Pioneers, we search through thousands of historical documents to report important news of Alabama’s past. From historical accounts, genealogy queries and wonderful memories from our contributing authors, you will always find something interesting on Alabama Pioneers.

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