Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The following records are new on today.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Mississippi, Confederate Records, 1889-1942Military34,022New

Utah, Cache County Records, 1861-1955Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills86,152New

Montana, Lake County Records, 1857-2010Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills94,699New

Montana, Yellowstone County Records, 1881-2011Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills124,478New

Bahamas, Civil Registration, 1850-1959Birth, Marriage & Death69,022New

South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Records, Stellenbosch Archive, 1660-2011Birth, Marriage & Death496,314New

Georgia, Andersonville Prison Records, 1862-1865Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills4,184New

Philippines, Civil Registration (Spanish Period), 1706-1911Birth, Marriage & Death206,828New

Florida, Confederate Veterans and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-1955Military101,513New

South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-1988Birth, Marriage & Death40,337New

Montana, Rosebud County RecordsTax, Criminal, Land & Wills97,864New

Arkansas, Confederate Pensions, 1901-1929Military159,626New

Armenia, Church Books, 1838-1929 (in Armenian)Birth, Marriage & Death23,781New

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Funeral Accounts, 1937-1970 (in Slovenian)Birth, Marriage & Death96,045New

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