Monday, April 7, 2014


Several months ago, I presented a program to our GENCOM group entitled "Can A First Cousin, Once Removed, Return?", which illustrated how to use a cousin chart to determine relationships of some of your cousins that were "removed".  Understanding this concept takes time and study. I spent many hours studying how to present this and thought I had it in good shape.  But, I think that I lost many of the people in the group in my presentation.  To redeem myself I am sending this "Family Connection Chart" that I found.  This chart gives a graphic representation of the cousin relationships and is the easiest method I have found to help in understanding this concept.  You can download or copy this jpg file to your computer and then enlarge it to make it easier to read.  This chart can be printed on legal size paper and is much easier to read that letter size paper.

Let me know what you think about it!!!!

Happy ancestor hunting.

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  1. I like this chart! It's the easiest thing that I've come across to understand relationships.