Sunday, June 22, 2014


Michael John Neil's blog Genealogy Tip of the Day was about something that was interesting to me

On 20 June 2014 I posted on this blog that had added the record collection for United States Enumeration District Maps for the Twelfth through the Sixteenth US Censuses, 1900-1940.  I did not at that time look at the records, but after reading the Genealogy Tip of the Day I clicked on the link.  The records are not indexed, so I had to browse them, which turned out to not be so hard since the records are in alphabetical order by states and parishes.  After about ten minutes I had the 1940 enumeration district map for Lincoln parish on my screen.  This map included my hometown of Unionville and plainly showed all of the houses in this area.  It was quite a stroll down memory as I tried to remember who lived in which house.  I am planning on showing this to my brother and see if he remembers any of the family names that I do not remember.

Happy ancestor hunting.

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