Monday, March 10, 2014


This is information on FamilySearch Family Tree - the part that we did not cover in our GENCOM meeting on Sunday. I have presented a short program some time ago on this subject and will probably plan for a more extensive program on this later this year. In the meantime if you need training or information on FamilySearch Family Tree, it looks like they have quite a lot of training online.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Online Training--shutterstock_135183890

"One of the great challenges that face any organization that makes use of technology is providing easy to use and useful help about how to use the products the company offers. deals with this challenge every day. In our efforts to continually provide a better research experience for everyone who uses FamilySearch, we are continually adding more useful features, databases and upgrades. One the big challenges we face is keeping our training up to date."

Click on the picture or text above to see information on the training videos that are on FamilySearch.

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