Thursday, April 23, 2015


In honor of DNA Day on 25 April 2015 AncestryDNA is offering a 20% off sale of their autosomal DNA test.  Like FamilyTreeDNA the normal price of this test is $99, but you can purchase it for $79 from AncestryDNA today through Monday 26 April 2015.

Normally we advise that if you are going to take only one autosomal DNA test to take the FamilyTreeDNA "Family Finder" test since the prices are the same and there are many more tools to use to analyze your results on FamilyTreeDNA.  BUT, there is a way to save money and compare your results to both data bases.  One way to save and get results on both companies is to test with AncestryDNA first and then transfer your results file to FamilyTreeDNA.  The cost would be $99 (Ancestry test) plus $39 FamilyTree transfer for a total of $138.

Using this test sale you can get your results in both databases with a test with AncestryDNA and then transfer the raw data to FamilyTreeDNA.  The cost would be $79 (Ancestry test) plus $39 Family Tree transfer for a total of $118.  Not a bad price for having test results on two data bases.

This sale price will work if you have taken an autosomal test with AncestryDNA and want to order additional test kits for testing relatives.

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Happy ancestor hunting.

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