Friday, June 13, 2014


I spent some time in the Broadmoor Library today doing research on a Sons of American Revolution application.  While I was in the military book section I ran across this set of books on American Quaker Genealogy.  It has been a while since I have used these books but they were a valuable asset when I was searching for information on one of my Jones ancestors that married into a Friends (Quaker) family.  If you have any ancestors in the Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania area, look through these books and see if they might be listed.  The Quakers kept meticulous records on their members. Much information can be found on marriages, births, deaths, and family moves which are recorded in detail.  It also list people that have been shunned by the church for various reasons.  I was able to build a complete family tree for Catlett Jones and his family, and was able to contact someone in the area who provided me with pictures of the old meeting house and the Jones' family markers in the cemetery.  The index and volumes I-VI are digitized and searchable on

Happy ancestor hunting.

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