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FamilySearch Record Collections
Title Records Last Updated
India, Hindu Pilgrimage Records, 1194-2015Browse Images *22 May 2015
Spain, Province of Asturias, Municipal Records, 1470-189762,165 *22 May 2015
Spain, Province of Almería, Municipal Records, 1587-1900202,522 *22 May 2015
Portugal, Coimbra, Passport Registers and Application Files, 1835-1938Browse Images *22 May 2015
Portugal, Passport Registers and Application Files, 1800-1946Browse Images *22 May 2015
Portugal, Coimbra, Civil Registration, 1893-1980Browse Images *22 May 2015
Portugal, Aveiro, Catholic Church Records, 1550-1911Browse Images *22 May 2015
New York, State Census, 18923,766,108 *22 May 2015
Pennsylvania, Landing Reports of Aliens, 1798-1828Browse Images *21 May 2015
Texas, Brownsville Passenger and Crew List of Airplanes, 1943-1964190,879 *21 May 2015
Czech Republic Church Books, 1552-196386,069 *21 May 2015
Philippines, Lingayen-Dagupan Catholic Archdiocese Parish Registers, 1615-1982219,587 *21 May 2015
Index to Filipino Passengers Arriving at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1900-1952Browse Images *21 May 2015
Minnesota, Duluth and Wisconsin, Superior Crew Lists, 1922-1958Browse Images *21 May 2015
Florida, Pensacola, Passenger Lists, 1900-1945Browse Images *21 May 2015
South Carolina, Charleston U.S. Citizens Passenger Lists, 1919-1948Browse Images *21 May 2015
Texas, Houston Arrival Manifests of Airplanes, 1946-1954Browse Images *21 May 2015
New York, New York, Index to Alien Crewmen Who Were Discharged or Who Deserted, 1917-1957Browse Images *21 May 2015
Montana, Manifests of Immigrant Arrivals and Departures, 1923-1956Browse Images *21 May 2015
Michigan, South Haven Crew Lists, 1957-1959Browse Images *21 May 2015
Ontario Marriages, 1869-19271,382,652 *21 May 2015
Ontario Births, 1869-19122,094,890 *21 May 2015
Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-19472,050,112 *21 May 2015
Ohio, Southern District Naturalization Index, 1852-199183,982 *21 May 2015
Rhode Island, Davisville, Melville, Newport, and Quonset Point, Airplane Passenger and Crew Lists, 1955-1957Browse Images *20 May 2015
Oregon, Portland, Index and Register of Vessels, 1949-1955Browse Images *20 May 2015
Maine, Bath, Seamen's Proofs of Citizenship, 1833-1868Browse Images *20 May 2015
Massachusetts, Salem and Beverly Crew Lists and Shipping Articles, 1797-1934Browse Images *20 May 2015
Louisiana World War I Service Records, 1917-1920Browse Images *20 May 2015
North Dakota Census, 1915619,448 *20 May 2015 Record Collections
 Lancashire, England, Quarter Session Records and Petitions, 1648-1908Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills1,218,050New

West Yorkshire, England, Bastardy Records, 1690-1914Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills24,341Updated

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