Sunday, January 15, 2017


Fellow family historians that know me well, know that I am always looking for a way to save money on my online genealogy research.  Yesterday, I posted a blog about free access through today to the records on the online genealogy research website  I have just signed on to their "Starter Package" for $34.95 for one year.  The normal price for a year of Findmypast is $119 which is what the price will go to when renewing the subscription after your starter year.  I am going to give it a try for a year and then make a decision on renewing my subscription.  I will keep you updated on this blog with reviews of my genealogy/family history research on this site.

On a side note - the reason that I am interested in this site is that it is the only site that has a record collection of all of the issues of the Ruston Leader and Ruston Daily Leader in the early and mid 1900's.  These are the years that I grew up just north of Ruston in Unionville and I have found many articles that I use for references in my research and writing.  They have one of the best United States newspaper collections available so you might want to give it a try for this price.  It is a very user friendly site and it is easy to clip and copy the articles to your computer.  When doing so, do not forget to record the newspaper name, issue date, and page along with the record so you will be able to find it again if you need to.

Click on the picture below to sign up for the "Starter Package.

Happy ancestor hunting.

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