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Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Civil Registration, 1811-19504,809 *21 Oct 2016
Benin, Civil Registration of Deaths, 1891-2014Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Missouri, Reports of Separation Notices, 1941-1946316,539 *21 Oct 2016
Russia, Tatarstan Church Books, 1721-1939Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Ohio, Cuyahoga County Records, 1880-1950Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-19951,175,750 *21 Oct 2016
Oregon, Grant County Records, 1851-1992Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Texas, Comanche County Records, 1858-1955Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Texas, Mills County Clerk Records, 1841-1985Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Montana, County Births and Deaths, 1840-2004417,427 *21 Oct 2016
Idaho, Lincoln County Records, 1886-1972Browse Images *21 Oct 2016
Colorado, County Marriages, 1864-1995118,783 *21 Oct 2016
Maine, World War I Draft Registration Index, 1917-1919162,613 *21 Oct 2016
Texas, Swisher County Records, 1879-2012Browse Images *20 Oct 2016
Czech Republic Censuses and Inhabitant Registers, 1800-1990Browse Images *20 Oct 2016
Sweden, Kalmar Church Records, 1577-1907; index 1625-186030,025 *19 Oct 2016
United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783Browse Images *19 Oct 2016
Sweden, Västernorrland Church Records, 1501-1940; index 1650-186038,185 *19 Oct 2016
Sweden, Kopparberg Church Records, 1604-1900; index 1628-1860Browse Images *19 Oct 2016
Florida Confederate Veterans and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-195543,973 *19 Oct 2016
United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-201418,162,478 *18 Oct 2016
Sweden, Halland Church Records, 1615-1904; index 1615-1860756,493 *18 Oct 2016
Ghana Census, 19841,301,094 *17 Oct 2016
Oklahoma Applications for Allotment, Five Civilized Tribes, 1899-19071,846,931 *17 Oct 2016
Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885266,610 *17 Oct 2016
New Jersey, State Census, 1865212,731 *17 Oct 2016
Florida Marriages, 1830-19931,699,231 *14 Oct 2016
Venezuela, Archdiocese of Mérida, Catholic Church Records, 1654-2013596,635 *14 Oct 2016
Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-19993,787,186 *14 Oct 2016
Ohio Tax Records, 1800-18501,141,119 *14 Oct 2016
New Brunswick, Saint John, Saint John, Burial Permits, 1889-191928,555 *13 Oct 2016
Peru, Áncash, Civil Registration, 1888-200573 *12 Oct 2016
Nebraska, Box Butte County Marriages, 1887-2015Browse Images *11 Oct 2016
Louisiana, Orleans Parish Vital Records, 1910, 196012,961 *11 Oct 2016
England, Warwickshire, Parish Registers, 1535-19841,257,852 *11 Oct 2016
Ohio, County Births, 1841-20034,013,089 *11 Oct 2016 Record Collections
 Tasmania, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1834-1837, 1841-1887Immigration & Travel42,723New

Stark County, Ohio, Coroner's Records, 1890-2002Birth, Marriage & Death57,294Updated

Oaxaca, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1861-1930 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death4,971,562Updated

Cape Province, South Africa, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972Birth, Marriage & Death526,527Updated

Spanish West Florida, Archives of the Spanish Government, 1782-1816Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal9,202New

Hawaii, Denization Records, 1846-1849, 1883-1898Immigration & Travel862New

Norfolk, England, Register of Electors, 1813-1952Census & Voter Lists4,481,061New

Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions, 1873-1925Military130,318New

Hawaii, Certificates of Identification for Chinese Arrivals, 1895-1898Immigration & Travel4,477New

Oaxaca, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1861-1987 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death8,300,474Updated

Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1519-1969 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death45,650,427Updated

California, State Court Naturalization Records, 1850-1986Immigration & Travel121,309Updated

Oaxaca, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1861-1950 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,382,191Updated

Odessa, Ukraine, Holocaust Records from Romanian Occupation, 1941-1944 (USHMM) (in Romanian)Stories, Memories & Histories134,190New

West Virginia, Naturalization Records, 1814-1991Immigration & Travel64,939Updated

Web: UK, Burial and Cremation Index, 1838-2014Birth, Marriage & Death1,610,623New

Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1738-1925Birth, Marriage & Death385,934Updated

Canada, Certificates of Military Instruction, 1867-1932Military93,655New

UK, British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920Military88,543New

UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927Military302,802New

UK, Royal Air Force Muster Roll, 1918Military194,814New

Iowa, World War II Bonus Case Files for Beneficiaries, 1947-1959Military19,760New

UK, British Army Lists, 1882-1962Military2,421,506New

U.S., Homestead Records, 1861-1936Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal95,045Updated

Orange Free State, South Africa, Estate Files, 1951-2006Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal218,266New
 UK, Naval and Military Courts Martial Registers, 1806-1930Military838,431New

UK, British Jewry Roll of Honour, 1914-1918Military57,202New

Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1843-1898Immigration & Travel165,630New

Louisiana, Naturalization Records, 1836-1998Immigration & Travel121,847Updated

New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948Birth, Marriage & Death4,716,858Updated

Transvaal Province, South Africa, Estates Death Notice Index, 1855-1976Birth, Marriage & Death449,990New

South Africa, Slaves and Free Blacks Records Index, 1658-1835Census & Voter Lists22,128New

South Africa, Free State Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1848-1956Birth, Marriage & Death110,854Updated

New York, New York, Marriage Index 1866-1937Birth, Marriage & Death5,065,035Updated

South Africa, Select Estates Death Notice Index, 1833-2008Birth, Marriage & Death44,432New

UK, Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers, 1895 -1980Schools, Directories & Church Histories128,037New

Vermont, Birth Records, 1909-2008Birth, Marriage & Death2,523,304Updated

Saarland, Germany, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1776-1875 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death1,140,257Updated

Cape Province, South Africa, Estates Death Notice Index, 1834-1956Birth, Marriage & Death316,197New

Savannah, Georgia, Naturalization Records, 1790-1910Immigration & Travel5,646Updated

Argentina, National Census, 1895 (in Spanish)Census & Voter Lists3,888,939Updated

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