Friday, April 22, 2016


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Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
France, Saône-et-Loire, Military Conscriptions, 1867-1940244,795 *22 Apr 2016
Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1865-193614,100 *22 Apr 2016
Lesotho, Evangelical Church Records, 1874-1983Browse Images *21 Apr 2016
Peru, Puno, Civil Registration, 1890-2005670,123 *21 Apr 2016
Philippines Civil Registration (National), 1945-1984157,389 *21 Apr 2016
Michigan Marriages, 1822-19951,267,961 *21 Apr 2016
South Carolina Deaths, 1915-19651,025,342 *21 Apr 2016
Massachusetts Town Records, ca. 1638-1961252,581 *20 Apr 2016
Russia, Tver Church Books, 1722-1918163,712 *20 Apr 2016 Record Collections
 Australia, City Directories, 1845-1948Schools, Directories & Church Histories33,337,465Updated

England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005Birth, Marriage & Death63,960,585Updated

Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910Birth, Marriage & Death40,829,356Updated

Saalfeld, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1951 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death76,229New

Saalfeld, Germany, Marriages, 1876-1921 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death42,518New

Ludwigslust, Germany, Marriage Records, 1876-1924 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death7,974New

Dresden, Germany, Weekly Church Reports of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1685-1879 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death1,710,773New

Saalfeld, Germany, Births, 1876-1904 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death50,913New

Ludwigslust, Germany, Birth Records, 1876-1902 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death23,355New

Ludwigslust, Germany, Death Records, 1876-1949 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death55,522New

U.S., German Immigrants, 1712-1933Immigration & Travel6,289New

Caribbean, Obituary Index, 2003-2009Birth, Marriage & Death12,278Updated

U.S., Biographical Cyclopedia of American WomenStories, Memories & Histories1,101Updated

The Times (London, England)Newspapers & Publications56,218Updated

Vermont, Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal98,222Updated

Hopewell, Virginia, Friends Memberships, 1759-1776Schools, Directories & Church Histories4,211Updated

Mercer County, Kentucky Marriage Records, 1800-1830Birth, Marriage & Death4,008Updated

U.S., Newspaper Birth Index, 2005-2015Birth, Marriage & Death173,291Updated

UK and Ireland, Obituary Index, 2004-2015Birth, Marriage & Death702,795Updated

Tasmania, Australia, Deeds of Land Grants, 1804-1935Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal24,463New

South Dakota, Marriages, 1905-2013Birth, Marriage & Death1,366,522Updated

South Dakota, Death Index, 1879-1955Birth, Marriage & Death322,632Updated

Sweden, Emigrants Registered in Church Books, 1783-1991 (in Swedish)Immigration & Travel1,435,313New

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