Friday, January 31, 2014


This is from a post on Michael John Neill's blog Genealogy Tip of the Day:

If Grandma's house is still standing (or even if it isn't), have you considered drawing a map showing the rooms in the house, the relative location of any outbuildings, etc.? Even if your scale isn't perfect, a drawing is better than no drawing."

This is something that we as family historians need to consider doing to leave to our descendants.  I have made sketches of my parent's and grandparent's houses showing what was in each room of the house.  I have labeled some of the rooms and fixtures that I remember being there before the houses were torn down.  The sketches are not to scale and are drawn freehand - nothing fancy just a simple floor plan so they will know what the house was like. 

Making these sketches is a great way to bring back memories that can be developed into ideas for the stories you write for your descendants.  I would certainly love to have sketches and stories from my parents and grandparents about some of the details of their lives when they were young.  I do have some sketches that outline and give some details on of the Jones' family land in Arkansas.  These sketches have helped me in much of my genealogy research in Arkansas.

My next project in this area will be to sketch the Colvin and Jones Grocery store in Unionville and give some of the details of how the outside and inside of the store changed during by youth.

Happy ancestor hunting.

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