Thursday, January 26, 2017


The following record collections are shown as new or updated on and record collections.

 There are many new and updated U. S. marriage records on FamilySearch, and many U. S. marriage records remaining on FamilySearch that need to be indexed.  That would be a good place to start your adventure into indexing digital records.  I am a volunteer indexer and arbitrator for FamilySearch, and index and arbitrate in my spare time to take a break from my other responsibilities.  If you have never indexed for FamilySearch - give it a try.  It is relaxing to take a break sometimes and help out the genealogy community to make ancestor records easier to find.

Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
Peru, Puno, Civil Registration, 1890-20051,004,081 *25 Jan 2017
Sweden, Västernorrland Church Records, 1501-1940; index 1650-186038,185 *24 Jan 2017
Spain, Province of Granada, Municipal Records, 1607-1955177,572 *24 Jan 2017
South Carolina, Delayed Birth Certificates, 1766-190058,903 *24 Jan 2017
Georgia, County Marriages, 1785-1950779,774 *24 Jan 2017
Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Miscellaneous Records2,877,451 *24 Jan 2017
Wyoming Marriages, 1869-19234,054 *24 Jan 2017
Rhode Island Town Marriages Index, 1639-1916127,161 *24 Jan 2017
Oregon Marriage Records, 1849-195212,742 *24 Jan 2017
Hawaii, Marriages, 1826-195452,852 *24 Jan 2017
Alabama County Marriages, 1818-193680,469 *24 Jan 2017
New Hampshire, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1636-194719,442 *24 Jan 2017
Pennsylvania Civil Marriages, 1677-19501,007,595 *24 Jan 2017
Russia, Tatarstan Church Books, 1721-1939Browse Images *20 Jan 2017
Ukraine, Kiev Confession Lists, 1799-1911Browse Images *20 Jan 2017
Nicaragua Civil Registration, 1809-20131,266,857 *20 Jan 2017 Record Collections
 Web: Cass County, North Dakota, Divorce Index, 1878-1943Birth, Marriage & Death24,436New

Province of Gerona, Spain, Municipal Records, 1566-1956 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death390,067New

Pennsylvania, Marriages, 1852-1968Birth, Marriage & Death12,687,174New

Jersey, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-1940Birth, Marriage & Death86,286New

Jersey, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1540-1812Birth, Marriage & Death458,350New

Jersey, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1915Birth, Marriage & Death289,952New

Somerset, England, Gaol Registers, 1807-1879Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal101,284Updated

Jersey, Church of England Marriages, 1754-1940Birth, Marriage & Death152,195New

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Click on the picture below to see the new records that has added last week.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The following record collections are shown as new or updated on and

Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
Ukraine, Western Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates, 1600-1937105,719 *19 Jan 2017
Texas, Church Marriages, 1839-19825,554 *19 Jan 2017
Idaho Church Marriages, 1864-197611,561 *19 Jan 2017
West Virginia, Berkeley County, Church Marriages, 1819-1889441 *19 Jan 2017
Kentucky, Church Marriages, 1824-19958,841 *19 Jan 2017
Indiana, Church Marriages, 1780-199347,419 *19 Jan 2017
New Jersey State Census, 1895Browse Images *18 Jan 2017
Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Miscellaneous Records2,859,864 *18 Jan 2017
Argentina Baptisms, 1645-1930860,314 *18 Jan 2017
Spain, Province of Sevilla, Municipal Records, 1293-19661,226,868 *18 Jan 2017
Argentina, Tucumán, Catholic Church Records, 1727-1955626,996 *18 Jan 2017
Pennsylvania, Church Marriages, 1682-1976101,989 *18 Jan 2017
Utah, Territorial Militia Records, 1849-187765,176 *18 Jan 2017
Texas, Manifests of Aliens Granted Temporary Admission at El Paso, ca. July 1924-1954246,891 *18 Jan 2017
California, San Francisco, Register of Chinese Immigrant Court Cases and Foreign Seamen Tax Cards, 1883-19249,914 *18 Jan 2017
Russia, Tver Church Books, 1722-1918846,696 *13 Jan 2017
Belgium, Namur, Civil Registration, 1800-191271,388 *13 Jan 2017
France, Finistère, Quimper et Léon Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1772-1894143,047 *13 Jan 2017
England, Lancashire, Oldham Cemetery Registers, 1797-2004565,588 *13 Jan 2017 Record Collections
 Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (USHMM) (in German)Schools, Directories & Church Histories279,322Updated

Dorset, England, Bastardy Records, 1725-1853Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal4,928Updated

Eastern Prussian Provinces, Germany [Poland], Selected Civil Vitals, 1874-1945 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death11,369,748Updated

U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1825-1960Immigration & Travel5,395,724Updated

Columbia, South Carolina, City Directories, 1859, 1875-1903Schools, Directories & Church Histories42,545New

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Click on the picture below to get information on new records that has added this last week.  Findmypast sends out a notice of added records each Friday and I will be posting the information on this blog.

Happy ancestor hunting.


Fellow family historians that know me well, know that I am always looking for a way to save money on my online genealogy research.  Yesterday, I posted a blog about free access through today to the records on the online genealogy research website  I have just signed on to their "Starter Package" for $34.95 for one year.  The normal price for a year of Findmypast is $119 which is what the price will go to when renewing the subscription after your starter year.  I am going to give it a try for a year and then make a decision on renewing my subscription.  I will keep you updated on this blog with reviews of my genealogy/family history research on this site.

On a side note - the reason that I am interested in this site is that it is the only site that has a record collection of all of the issues of the Ruston Leader and Ruston Daily Leader in the early and mid 1900's.  These are the years that I grew up just north of Ruston in Unionville and I have found many articles that I use for references in my research and writing.  They have one of the best United States newspaper collections available so you might want to give it a try for this price.  It is a very user friendly site and it is easy to clip and copy the articles to your computer.  When doing so, do not forget to record the newspaper name, issue date, and page along with the record so you will be able to find it again if you need to.

Click on the picture below to sign up for the "Starter Package.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Friday, January 13, 2017


The following record collections are shown as new or updated on and

Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
Ghana Census, 19841,432,819 *13 Jan 2017
Russia, Tatarstan Church Books, 1721-1939Browse Images *12 Jan 2017
France, Dordogne, Censuses, 1856530,930 *12 Jan 2017
Georgia Deaths, 1928-1940462,877 *11 Jan 2017
Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Miscellaneous Records2,779,989 *11 Jan 2017
South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972648,837 *11 Jan 2017
Paraguay, Catholic Church Records, 1754-2015523,456 *11 Jan 2017
France, Seine-Maritime, Rouen, Indexes to Church Records, 1680-178963,715 *11 Jan 2017
New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Probate Records, 1843-1998384,625 *11 Jan 2017
North Dakota, County Marriages, 1882-1925115,141 *10 Jan 2017
Venezuela, Diocese of San Cristóbal, Catholic Church Records, 1601-1962688,577 *09 Jan 2017
Australia, Queensland, Immigration indexes, 1864-194064,508 *09 Jan 2017 Record Collections
England & Wales, Christening Index, 1530-1980Birth, Marriage & Death16,777,637Updated

South Africa, Occupational Index, 1864-1918Schools, Directories & Church Histories33,505New

Gloucestershire, England, Prison Records, 1728-1914Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal236,710

England & Wales Marriages, 1538-1940Birth, Marriage & Death3,642,255

Ohio, Naturalization Petition and Record Books, 1888-1946Immigration & Travel506,341Updated

Antwerp, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1796-1906 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death909,313New

Namur, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1800-1912 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death75,036New

Brabant, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1582-1914 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death117,095New

East Flanders, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1541-1912 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death1,275,837New

Liège, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1676-1700, 1798-1901 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death1,194,054New

Washington, Petitions for Naturalization, 1860-1991Immigration & Travel245,259Updated

London, England, Stock Exchange Membership Applications, 1802-1924Schools, Directories & Church Histories256,986New

Victoria, Australia, Wills and Probate Records, 1841-2009Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal371,411New

London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1930Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal463,958Updated

London, England, TS Exmouth Training Ship Records, 1876-1918Schools, Directories & Church Histories12,107New

London, England, Gamekeepers' Licences, 1727-1839Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal2,578New

Poland, Selected Records of Jews in the Radom District, 1939-1945 (USHMM) (in German)Stories, Memories & Histories15,017Updated

Colorado, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1868-1990Immigration & Travel220,787Updated

Limburg, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1800-1910 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death169,034New

Thursday, January 12, 2017


FREE ACCESS at Findmypast - You can explore the FREE records this weekend at Find My Past. FREE ACCESS to birth, marriage, death and census records. Starts today; January 12 thru January 15th.  You will need to set up a free account to access the free records.

Click on the photo below to access Findmypast website.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


For all fellow family history researchers that have Oklahoma ancestors, Dick Eastman posted some good new for you today on his website Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

 Oklahoma Birth and Death Record Indexes are now Online
oklahoma_deathOk2Explore is a free searchable index of births and deaths that occurred in the state of Oklahoma. Included is limited information on births occurring more than 20 years ago and deaths occurring more than 5 years ago. Visitors to the site may search the index using any combination of the subject’s name, date of event (birth or death), county of event, and sex of the subject.

The web site is available to everyone free of charge. However, keep in mind the site contains INDEXES, not all the information from these records. Once you have determined that a record of interest is on file, you are welcome to apply for a certified copy of that file. The certified copies cost money but do include all available information from the original records.
You can access the new Oklahoma State Vital Records Index at

Happy ancestor hunting.
My thanks to newsletter reader Vicki Prough for telling me about his new online resource.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


The following record collections are shown as the first new or updated records for 2017 on and

Hope you had good holidays and are blessed for the remainder of the New Year.

Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
El Salvador Civil Registration, 1704-1990832,749 *06 Jan 2017
Philippines, Manila, Civil Registration, 1899-19842,847,720 *06 Jan 2017
Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Miscellaneous Records1,254,022 *06 Jan 2017
Canada Census, 19015,343,565 *06 Jan 2017
Spain, Soldier Personal Service Files, 1835-19401,687 *06 Jan 2017
BillionGraves Index20,128,469 *06 Jan 2017
Slovenia, Ljubljana, Funeral Accounts, 1937-19705,664 *06 Jan 2017
Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-20012,608,950 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Rieti, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1840-1945134,767 *05 Jan 2017
Indiana Marriages, 1811-20073,311,060 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Enna, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1944131,581 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Reggio Calabria, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1784-1943108,208 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Trapani, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1906-1928105,264 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Pescara, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1929385,939 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Cremona, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1744-1942425,374 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Bergamo, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1901629,035 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Caltanissetta, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1820-1935403,003 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Napoli, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1865633,646 *05 Jan 2017
Italy, Taranto, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1926272,929 *05 Jan 2017
Oklahoma, School Records, 1895-193690,841 *04 Jan 2017 Record Collections
 Halle (Saale), Germany, Marriages, 1874-1933 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death417,816New

Altenburg, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1950 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death360,663New

Halle (Saale), Germany, Births, 1874-1903 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death409,447New

West Flanders, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1797-1900 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death775,701New

Altenburg, Germany, Births, 1874-1901 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death215,779Updated

Web: Chester County, Pennsylvania, Slaves and Indentured Servants Index, 1718 - 1839Stories, Memories & Histories1,900New

Delaware, Marriage Records, 1750-1954Birth, Marriage & Death649,981New

Altenburg, Germany, Marriages, 1876-1920 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death190,195Updated

Hainaut, Belgium, Civil Registration, 1600-1913 (in French)Birth, Marriage & Death1,033,836New