Sunday, January 24, 2016


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Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
Honduras, Civil Registration, 1841-1968178,391 *21 Jan 2016
Florida and South Carolina, Airplane Arrival Manifests, 1944-1945Browse Images *19 Jan 2016
Kansas County Marriages, 1855-1911Browse Images *19 Jan 2016 Record Collections
 North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal1,145,136Updated

UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services, 1853-1928Military829,176Updated

Elbe-Weser Triangle, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1621–1879 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death3,678,922New

Ostholstein, Germany, Selected Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1597-1959 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death1,472,565New

UK, Shipping and Seamen WWI and WWII Rolls of Honour, 1914-1945Military110,993New

Württemberg, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1500–1985 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death50,786,925New

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930 - 2015Birth, Marriage & Death34,652,650Updated

Victoria, Australia, Police Gazettes, 1914-1924Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal272,784New

Web: Queensland, Australia, Immigration Indexes, 1848-1972Immigration & Travel444,188New

Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia Employee Records, 1909-1969Schools, Directories & Church Histories18,203New

Western Australia, Australia, Convict Records, 1846-1930Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal682,508New

Web: Queensland, Australia, Naturalisation Index, 1851-1904Immigration & Travel12,190New

Queensland, Australia, Police Gazette Index, 1881-1945Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal416,924New

Australia, Commonwealth Public Service Lists, 1904, 1920Schools, Directories & Church Histories36,882New

Queensland and Victoria, Australian Directories, 1859-1947Schools, Directories & Church Histories26,318,691New

Australia, Birth Index, 1788-1922Birth, Marriage & Death15,566,659Updated

Web: Queensland, Australia, Hospital Indexes, 1872-1908Schools, Directories & Church Histories8,308New

Monday, January 18, 2016


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Happy ancestor hunting. Record Collections
Kansas County Marriages, 1855-1911Browse Images *15 Jan 2016
Honduras, Civil Registration, 1841-1968178,391 *15 Jan 2016
Spain, Province of Málaga, Municipal Records, 1760-1956180,341 *15 Jan 2016
Spain, Province of Cádiz, Municipal Records, 1784-1956215,947 *15 Jan 2016
Ontario Births, 1869-19112,219,999 *15 Jan 2016
England and Wales Census, 186119,591,106 *14 Jan 2016
Liberia, Marriage Records, 1941-1974Browse Images *13 Jan 2016
Poland, Radom Roman Catholic Church Books, 1587-196643,143 *11 Jan 2016 Record Collections
 U.S., Select Crew Lists and Manifests, 1890-1963Immigration & Travel2,231,647Updated

Kansas, City and County Census Records, 1919-1961Census & Voter Lists15,278,743Updated

Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal635,226Updated

New Jersey, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1956-1964Immigration & Travel559,403New

Mönchengladbach, Germany, Births, 1798-1903 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death757,312New

U.S., Departing Passenger and Crew Lists, 1914-1962Immigration & Travel7,615,611New

Sibiu, Romania, Citizenship Registration, 1709-1857 (in German)Immigration & Travel9,854New

Eastern Prussian Provinces, Germany [Poland], Selected Civil Vitals, 1874-1945 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death901,018New

Michigan, Death Records, 1867-1950Birth, Marriage & Death8,380,545New

England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915Birth, Marriage & Death62,793,107Updated

Illinois, Wills and Probate Records, 1772-1999Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal897,105Updated

Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, 1835-1974Birth, Marriage & Death213,880Updated

Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal455,282Updated

UK, Police Gazettes, 1812-1902, 1921-1927Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal117,119New

South Australia, Australia, Police Gazettes, 1927-1947Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal355,260New

Monday, January 11, 2016


"GENCOM Genealogy Gems is back after the holidays and rested up for the new year.  I wish a happy and blessed New Year for all of my followers and viewers.

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United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-201415,860,544 *09 Jan 2016
Ukraine, Kyiv Orthodox Consistory Church Book Duplicates, 1734-19201,837,807 *07 Jan 2016
North Carolina, State Supreme Court Case Files, 1800-1909876,769 *07 Jan 2016
Bolivia Catholic Church Records, 1566-199661,549 *07 Jan 2016
Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1964322,898 *07 Jan 2016
Belgium, Hainaut, Civil Registration, 1600-1913321,812 *07 Jan 2016
Rhode Island, District Court Naturalization Indexes, 1906-1991136,534 *06 Jan 2016
Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860243,219 *06 Jan 2016
Italy, Napoli, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1865559,011 *05 Jan 2016
Australia, Tasmania, Miscellaneous Records, 1829-2001106,224 *05 Jan 2016
Alaska, Vital Records, 1816-195957,479 *31 Dec 2015
United States Census, 186027,150,234 *31 Dec 2015
Missouri, Pre-WWII Adjutant General Enlistment Contracts, 1900-1941Browse Images *30 Dec 2015
BillionGraves Index18,259,763 *29 Dec 2015
United States Census, 188050,471,461 *29 Dec 2015
Germany, Baden, Church Book Duplicates, 1800-1870395,15228 Dec 2015
Italy, Udine, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1806-1815, 1871-1911252,03728 Dec 2015
Italy, L'Aquila, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1865, 1911-194375,87028 Dec 2015
Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-20141,411,03823 Dec 2015
South Africa, Netherdutch Reformed Church Registers (Pretoria Archive), 1838-1991Browse Images22 Dec 2015
Austria, Upper Austria, Catholic Church Records, 1581-191974,48222 Dec 2015
New Hampshire Death Records, 1654-1947581,05621 Dec 2015
Italy, Pescara, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1929282,54318 Dec 2015
Missouri, Cole County Circuit Court Case Files, 1820-1927Browse Images18 Dec 2015
England, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Parish Registers, 1603-19101,727,71218 Dec 2015
Wales, Glamorgan, West Glamorgan, Electoral Registers, 1839-19251,643,48316 Dec 2015
United States Census, 1920107,658,84916 Dec 2015
England, Kent, Parish Registers, 1538-1911579,77716 Dec 2015
England, Kent, Register of Electors, 1570-19074,706,63616 Dec 2015
England, Lancashire, Parish Registers 1538-19101,214,83716 Dec 2015
Spain, Province of Sevilla, Municipal Records, 1293-19661,224,25116 Dec 2015
Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-19504,599,29716 Dec 2015
Find A Grave Index136,052,40515 Dec 2015
Philippines, Manila, Civil Registration, 1899-19842,247,41114 Dec 2015
Italy, Ragusa, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1900-19407,10414 Dec 2015
Italy, Savona, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1806-1813, 1838-1936153,76314 Dec 2015
United States Census, 1930125,176,43914 Dec 2015
Venezuela, Archdiocese of Mérida, Catholic Church Records, 1654-2013596,63512 Dec 2015
Japan Village Records, 709-1949Browse Images11 Dec 2015
United States Census, 1940134,867,56211 Dec 2015 Record Collections
Braunschweig, Germany, Forced Laborers Who Died in Braunschweig, 1939-1945Stories, Memories & Histories218New

Web: Minnesota, Alien Registration Index, 1918Immigration & Travel111,827New

Poland, French Prisoners in Stutthof, 1939-1945Stories, Memories & Histories237New

Zbąszyń, Poland, Polish-German Children Expelled from Germany, 1938Stories, Memories & Histories219New

Northamptonshire, England, Burials, 1813-1912Birth, Marriage & Death484,456Updated

Balta, Ukraine, Orphans in Balta Ghetto, 1941-1943Stories, Memories & Histories643New

Web: Minnesota, Women in Industry, 1919Schools, Directories & Church Histories41,684New

Algeria, Prisoner Exchange from Bergen-Belsen to UNRRA Camp, 1945Stories, Memories & Histories200New

Sands Directories: Sydney and New South Wales, Australia, 1858-1933Schools, Directories & Church Histories9,731,017Updated

Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 (USHMM) (in German)Schools, Directories & Church Histories66,473New

Northamptonshire, England, Marriages, 1754-1912Birth, Marriage & Death733,877New

Northamptonshire, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1532-1812Birth, Marriage & Death4,138,400New

U.S., Southern Claims Commission Allowed Claims, 1871-1880Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal2,353Updated

Northamptonshire, England, Baptisms, 1813-1912Birth, Marriage & Death2,323,156Updated

NARA Collections on Ancestry.comReference, Dictionaries & Almanacs1,433Updated

Texas, Wills and Probate Records, 1833-1974Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal110,840Updated

Rhode Island, Wills and Probate Records, 1582-1932Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal106,591Updated

Rostock, Germany, Births, 1876-1902 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death86,860Updated

Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923Immigration & Travel1,856,643Updated

Fargo, North Dakota, Passenger Lists, 1958Immigration & Travel280Updated

U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012Schools, Directories & Church Histories359,973,947Updated

Angermünde, Germany, Marriages, 1874-1923 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death12,265New

Ebersberg, Germany, Births, 1876-1905 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death11,029New

Ludwigshafen, Germany, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1798-1875 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death247,379New

Ludwigshafen, Germany, Births, 1876-1903 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death198,500New
Ebersberg, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1951 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death16,991New

Ludwigshafen, Germany, Family Tables, 1730-1903 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death197,927New

Ahlem, Germany, Prisoner Deaths, 1944-1945Stories, Memories & Histories257New

Würzburg, Germany, Deported Jews, 1941-1943Stories, Memories & Histories276New

Ahlem, Germany, Jewish Survivors, 1945Stories, Memories & Histories243New

Oranienburg, Germany, Auschwitz-Sachsenhausen Transfers, 1944Stories, Memories & Histories356New

Gurs, France, Deportations to Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1942-1943Stories, Memories & Histories1,661New

Erfurt, Germany, House Lists, 1859-1872 (in German)Schools, Directories & Church Histories395,758New

Ebersberg, Germany, Marriages, 1876-1921 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death8,698New

Germany and Poland, Hungarian-Jewish Women in Labor Camps, 1944Stories, Memories & Histories193New

Port Stephens, Australia, Area Cemeteries, 1845-2010Birth, Marriage & Death2,436New

Web: Indiana, County Marriage Indexes, 1993-2015Birth, Marriage & Death1,886,853New

Pennsylvania, Wills and Probate Records, 1683-1993Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal1,928,279Updated

Angermünde, Germany, Births, 1874-1903 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death27,358New

Web: Victoria, Australia, Outward Passenger Index, 1852-1915Immigration & Travel1,754,004New

Angermünde, Germany, Deaths, 1874-1950 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death36,641New

South Carolina, Passenger Lists, 1906-1962Immigration & Travel140,501Updated

Rostock, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1950 (in German)Birth, Marriage & Death183,015New

North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1976Birth, Marriage & Death7,543,578Updated

Summit County, Ohio, Marriage Records, 1840-1980Birth, Marriage & Death1,598,986Updated

Australia, Handbook and Almanac, 1886Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs1,115New

New South Wales, Australia, Bailliere's Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1870Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers723New

Australia, Fox's History of QueenslandReference, Dictionaries & Almanacs2,815New

South Australia, Australia, Bailliere's Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1866Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers354New

Australia, Pastoral Directories, 1913-1954Schools, Directories & Church Histories108,359New
Tasmania, Australia, Bailliere's Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1877Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers258New

Queensland, Australia, Bailliere's Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1876Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers320New

Victoria, Australia, Bailliere's Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1879Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers544New

Puerto Rico, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1901-1962Immigration & Travel2,378,523Updated

Web: Alabama, Episcopal Church Registers Index, 1832-1972Birth, Marriage & Death14,276New

Web: Chester County, Pennsylvania, Poor School Children, 1810-1841Schools, Directories & Church Histories62,979New

Kansas, Wills and Probate Records, 1803-1987Wills, Probates, Land, Tax & Criminal160,758Updated