Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Myself, along with 66,5010 other indexers and arbitrators set a new record for the greatest number of indexer and arbitrator participants in a single 24 hour period.  If you have never participated in indexing or arbitrating for FamilySearch you have missed out on one of the most enjoyable aspects of genealogy research.


The following record collections are shown as new or updated on and

In addition to enjoying indexing and submitting several batches during FamilySearch World Wide Indexing Day I was pleased and excited to see that Texas Death Obituaries showed up on the updated records list for FamilySearch.  This was one of the first types of files I along with many other FamilySearch indexers indexed when I started back indexing several months ago.  It was a thrill to search through these records and realize that I was a part of getting these records online so my fellow researchers could search for their family ancestors in them.  If you have not done any indexing - give it a try - it is fun and educational.

Happy ancestor hunting. Records
Title Records Last Updated
Mormon Migration Database, 1840-1932143,658 *23 Jul 2014
Idaho, Southeast Counties Obituaries, 1864-2007289,703 *23 Jul 2014
ObitsUtah Obituary Index22,113 *23 Jul 2014
Idaho, Southern Counties Obituaries, 1943-201367,646 *23 Jul 2014
Texas, Deaths, 1890-19764,543,234 *22 Jul 2014
Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956263,277 *22 Jul 2014
Ukraine, Kyiv Orthodox Consistory Church Book Duplicates, 1840-18451,837,807 *21 Jul 2014 Records
Web: Ashtabula County, Ohio, Obituary Index, 1858-2012Birth, Marriage & Death92,877Updated

U.S., Headstone and Interment Records for U.S. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, 1942-1949Military93,053New

New South Wales, Australia, Passengers Arriving at Port Phillip, 1846Immigration & Travel1,927New

England, Norfolk Non-conformist Records, 1613-1901Birth, Marriage & Death7,521New

London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921Birth, Marriage & Death7,549,807Updated

London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980Birth, Marriage & Death2,616,957Updated

London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812Birth, Marriage & Death8,844,994Updated

Jamaica, Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1879Birth, Marriage & Death1,086,193New

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989Schools, Directories & Church Histories1,483,125,419Updated

New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620-1635Immigration & Travel62,840Updated

Canada, South African War Land Grants, 1908-1910Military7,143New

London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906Birth, Marriage & Death6,240,093Updated

Puebla, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1930 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,460,020New

Chiapas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1990 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,542,585New

Guanajuato, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1862-1930 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,415,684New

Zacatecas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-2000 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,371,091New

Hidalgo, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1967 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,575,744New

Quintana Roo, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1866-1902 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death3,739New

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Military24,613,963Updated

Guerrero, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1833-1996 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,551,143New

Yucatán, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1926 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,521,336New

Nayarit, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1868-2001 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death427,659New

Chihuahua, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1997 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,562,821New

Distrito Federal, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1832-2005 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death4,937,323New

Sonora, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1995 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death745,194New
Nuevo León, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death702,190New

Morelos, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1920 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death41,623New

San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-2000 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,896,237New

Tlaxcala, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1639-1950 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death64,861New

Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-2004 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death110,234New

Aguascalientes, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1961 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death437,717New

Michoacán, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1940 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,337,676New

Oaxaca, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-2002 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death3,866,681New

Coahuila, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1998 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,186,296New

México Estado, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1941 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,340,414New

Querétaro, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1864-2005 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death624,300New

Durango, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1995 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,042,678New

Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1857-2000 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death3,957,765New

Tamaulipas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,184,297New

Colima, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1997 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death225,991New

Veracruz, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1821-1949 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death1,624,732New

Campeche, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1926 (in Spanish)Birth, Marriage & Death78,926New

Monday, July 21, 2014


After a slow start the FamilySearch indexing event is off and running.  I just submitted my first batch with no problem. Last night I lost internet to the house and when it came back on FamilySearch was very slow.  Finally indexed a batch and after trying to submit it four times I gave up and went to bed.  The site is working just fine today.  So get to indexing.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I subscribed to the Alabama Pioneers Newsletter about a year ago and have found some very enjoyable and informative information about my Alabama ancestors.  My Jones line moved to Bibb/Chilton Counties, Alabama about 1820.  Some moved on to Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas after the Civil War, but many stayed in this area of Alabama.

Click on "Alabama Pioneers" below to go to their website and while you are there subscribe to their newsletter.  Click on the Framed Picture to see their latest newsletter with a article about storytelling that I found very interesting.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Last week John Prime spoke to our SAR group about experiencing serendipity while doing research for his newspaper articles.  At first, I did not understand exactly how serendipity applied to research but as he continued, I began to understand what he was talking about.

The official dictionary definition  or serendipity is: "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also :  an instance of this"

I began to research how this would apply to genealogy research and found the following definition from the Ancestry Ancestor - It is as though our ancestors want to be found. Uncanny coincidence. Olympian luck. Phenomenal fate. Tremendous intuition. Remarkable miracle. We call It, “Serendipity in Genealogy.”  Now, I like that much better!

I kind of think of genealogy serendipity as a fancy word for going off on what I call "rabbit trails" when doing our genealogy research and forgetting what we were searching for in the first place.

In the short youtube video below preeminent family historian Helen Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, FNGS, reflects on why people do genealogy and on the comforts that people find in researching their ancestors. In addition she touches on the unique experiences that researchers often encounter when researching their family tree -- those little touches of unexplained serendipity.
 Happy serendipity in your ancestor hunting.


The following records are new or updated on and

Happy ancestor hunting. Records
Title Records Last Updated
New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Probate Records, 1848-1991158,732 *18 Jul 2014
Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1878-19381,509,422 *18 Jul 2014
Utah, Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, 1847-18685,897 *18 Jul 2014
Poland, Radom Roman Catholic Church Books, 1587-196641,259 *17 Jul 2014
Netherlands, Utrecht Province, Church Records, 1542-1955Browse Images *17 Jul 2014
Luxembourg, Civil Registration, 1662-1941Browse Images *17 Jul 2014
Poland, Częstochowa Roman Catholic Church Books, 1226-1950Browse Images *17 Jul 2014
Portugal, Braga, Catholic Church Records, 1530-1911Browse Images *16 Jul 2014
Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-197979,535 *16 Jul 2014
Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1994Browse Images *16 Jul 2014 Records
 Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978Birth, Marriage & Death2,322,348Updated

Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1813-1834Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills2,980,774Updated

New York, Estate Inventories and Accounts, 1666-1822Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills1,104New

Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you are an indexer or arbitrator for FamilySearch be sure and participate in the 24 hour indexing event starting Sunday, 20 July 2014.  For details click on the picture below.

I you have never indexed for FamilySearch and want to give it a try, I will be glad to meet you at Broadmoor library any time Monday, 21 July and help you get started.  Just email me at

Happy ancestor hunting.

Monday, July 14, 2014


The following record collections are show as new or updated on records.

Happy ancestor hunting. Records
Title Records Last Updated
United States Census, 1940134,867,562 *14 Jul 2014
Canadian Headstones766,368 *14 Jul 2014
United States Census, 1920107,543,064 *14 Jul 2014
Hawaii, Honolulu Passenger Lists, 1900-19531,160,179 *14 Jul 2014
United States, Panama Canal Zone, Employment Records and Sailing lists, 1905-193799,950 *14 Jul 2014
Peru, Cusco, Civil Registration, 1889-1997167,102 *14 Jul 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014


If you are searching for records of one of your ancestors who served in World War I, this is the ideal time to check out the records on MyHeritage. Look-ups on these records are free through the end of July.

Happy ancestor hunting.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Welcome to Alabama Pioneers
Those who walk in another’s tracks leave no footprints  
Alabama Pioneers is devoted to discovering and sharing the footprints left behind by our ancestors through documents, stories and biographies as we journey through our state’s history. We report the news of the past!

Though we have considerable information for those interested in genealogy, we are not just another genealogy website. In Days Gone By you will find many heart-warming stories and memories from various authors that will touch your heart, inspire you and sometimes make you laugh.

The website is totally FREE! If you find an article you enjoy, pleas comment in the Reply section of the article. Our authors appreciate hearing from you.

We are nearing one thousand biographies of Alabama Pioneers on the site. Some people are notable people you may have read about while others are not-so-notable and a few could be your ancestors.
At Alabama Pioneers, we search through thousands of historical documents to report important news of Alabama’s past. From historical accounts, genealogy queries and wonderful memories from our contributing authors, you will always find something interesting on Alabama Pioneers.